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This is a site to sell graphic art t-shirts. Something a little different than you’d ever find anywhere else. The art is abstract. Some of it is geared toward BMX bike riding, because my son who did the work loves to ride BMX.

If you are interested in ordering Get Strange Clothing, please contact Sylvia at 435-632-6189 or leave a comment!

A little about the artist. His name is Joshua Canfield, his story is tragic one not unlike many wayword teenagers. He was involved with unsavory friends and drugs which led him to a crime serious enough that he is now doing time in prison. He was just 17, but close enough to his 18th year that he was sentenced as an adult. These photos are products of his mind. Everything has been taken away from him, except his imagination and his love for art. He has struggled and suffered tremendously, but now after several years he has settled into the reality that has become his everyday life. He was an artist in the beginning, putting 110% into everything he did. Some of the things he did and loved was BMX bike riding, welding, guitar, and some song writing. Enjoy the art, if you would like to make an order for anything poster, tshirt ect. Please contact the info above. Thank you for taking the time to read his story. image2 (2)image1 (2)